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“Development Projects”

With connection to the national strategy for the agricultural sector, or separate from it, supporting it, the working on a group of projects has fully started with millions of Dinars in fundamental agricultural sectors (developing of horticultural exports, aromatic and medical plants, cut flowers etc.) and surely tenders have been offered and a number of instructional and technical committees have been formed and the implementation started through private and public institutions and departments.


Those projects are considered a basic challenge for knowing the abilities of this section for rising, and how much those institutions and organizations who are working on those projects are mature to manage the implementation, and how much they have gained benefit from the previous financed projects which led to a loss in money and the drop of this sector.


And those projects are also considered to be a challenge for the new minister of agriculture who is coming from the private production sector as a president of the farmers union as he was standing, objecting and fighting the previous working methods and he is now in the decision making position.


We also look for having a periodical workshops to enable the  private agricultural sector to know where those projects have reached? And how did it spend its money? And what is its executive program in every stage? and that is For holding responsibility and following up, because neither the agricultural sector nor the country can accept the failure of those projects.


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