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Development Projects

PETRANA An Arabic Magazine Specialized In Agriculture , Food And Veterinary.

Publisher: the Technical Consultancy Center

Editor – in – Chief       :    Eng. Sameer Owais

Consultants’ Commission      :  

         1. Eng. Ahmad Manna’ a

         2. Eng. Basel Rimawi

         3. Dr. Radi Tarawneh

         4. Eng. Abdul Rahman Ghaith

         5. Eng. Mahmoud Tubeishi

Coordination & Follow-up     :     Duna Shadid

Editors       :       1. Eng. Ahmad Sayaheen

                         2. Eng. Sana’a Halaseh

                         3. Eng. Dima Ertiemeh

                         4. Eng. Naji Haddad

                         5. Eng. Yousif Hamdan


General Coordination    Eng. Niveen Dawood

Translation       :        Deena Moghrabi

Legal Consultant   :    Awni al Refai’i

Journalistic Consultant  Mu’ayad Abu Sbeih

Website design & developement-Mohd khraisha