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Jordan, a beautiful country located in the heart of the Arab world and the Middle East , has a population numbering five million It's the heart of the holy land and the cradle of heavenly religions.

Jordan Valley is agriculturally distinct for its natural atmosphere suitable for the production of crops during the coldest months of Europe . A strip of valley land of about 5 km wide by 350 km length from north to south of Jordan is a whole station of experiments , growth and production region .

This country is small in area, but large in its innovative, giving human resources. Since ancient ages, Jordan has been known for the goodness of its people and its land , which unite to achieve the best. From the Jordan Valley, the oldest spot on earth, we feel the stones of the oldest cities and trace the profits' and companions' steps and the curves of the Holy River, the cradle of the first human civilizations. And in the Dead Sea, the salt lake, we enjoy floating and contemplating this unique legend, then up to the eastern mountains of the Great Rift Valley, which overlooks Jerusalem and Palestinian cities. Then we continue southwards , passing by the Kings' Highway, which the Romans have followed, to the rose red city Petra, the jewel of ancient cities and the architectural masterpiece the Nabateans curved in the rocky mountains.

The time is fragrant with the history's scents and the space is limitlessly open.. You are in Jordan, the heart of the ancient Orient and the bridge between East and West and the point of the world's birth.