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Sawsana 2003

In festive atmospheres, accompanied by fireworks, the First International Agricultural Exhibition “SAWSANA 2003” was inaugurated on October 21st by the representative of His Majesty King Abdullah bin al Hussein, His Excellency Mr. Trad Al Fayez, Minister of Agriculture. The event took place from 21st – 24th of October in Amman International Fair – Marj al Hamam,  

His Excellency the minister of Agriculture Mr. Trad Al Fayez has visited the booths of several foreign, Arab and local companies that participated in the exhibition, and has expressed his admiration and optimism in the biggest agricultural event for the year, where the international participation has amounted to 55% of the total participation, and the visitors’ numbers reached 6.5 – 7 thousand visitors of different nationalities over four days.

In the framework of the exhibition, valuable scientific activities were held, represented by holding a scientific day on October 22nd, under the sponsorship of Abu Dhabi Fertilizers’ Industries Co.. Six lectures were given on various subjects on modern agricultural technologies, and were attended by a large number of interested agricultural personnel and engineers. Also, the Agricultural Marketing Workshop was held on October 23rd with the tile: “Agricultural Exports in the aftermath of free trade and international agreements”. It was organized by the Arab Society for socio-economical agricultural sciences, and attended by a large number of specialists and interested guests from the Arab World. The workshop has discussed different issues, focusing on the agricultural exports within the national strategy as well as the international and Arab agreements.

The activities of the First International Agricultural Exhibition were concluded on Friday, October 24th, 2003, with a closing ceremony where the secretary general of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Awni Ta’aymeh, presented appreciation certificates and gifts to remarkable participants in the exhibition and lecturers of the scientific day. The ceremony also included an entertainment session that was followed by a dinner for 600 guests from the agricultural sector.  

The attendees, guests and participants, have emphasized the importance of holding the International Agricultural Exhibition annually, because of its significant role in marketing the international agricultural sector in Jordan as well as marketing the Jordanian agricultural sector internationally, in addition to the various related specialized activities.