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March 14th 17th, 2005

 SAWSANA   2005      the second International Agricultural     Exhibition will be held in Amman between 14 - 17 March 2005  In Amman International Exhibition under the Patronage of His   Excellency the Prime Minister.  SAWSANA   2005 is going to include the agriculture, veterinary and food sectors with all its   fields, in  view  of  Jordan's  unique  position  in  the Arab and   Middle East region, Arabic and national companies will be in a position to introduce their products and interact with different companies in the field.

 The International fair SAWSANA 2005 will include various activities in the aspects of food, agriculture, irrigation, environment, fodder, poultry and veterinary medicine.

 1.    The International Agricultural Exhibition 'SAWSANA 2005', accompanied by the International Veterinary medicine, Fodder and Poultry Exhibition 'Vetrana 2005', to be  held at the Amman International Fair in Marj Al Hamam. The event is to be inaugurated at 4:00 pm on March 14th, 2005, and will last four days.

2.    The Fourth Scientific Conference for the Arab Association for Socioeconomic Agricultural Sciences The  Arab Agricultural Engineers Union, on the future of investments in the private agricultural sector in the Arab world A conference that will be held for experts from all over the Arab region.

 3.    The Third Annual SAWSANA Scientific Conference, which includes:

a.    The Food Scientific Day Genetically modified foodsb.   

b. The scientific day for agriculture, irrigation and environment

c.     The scientific day for veterinary medicine, fodder and poultry.  

4.    A special catalogue for SAWSANA 2005

5.    A special issue of Petrana magazine

6.    The conclusion ceremony

All above activities will be held under the patronage of his highness the Prime Minister and sponsored by the ministry of agriculture and other public and private corporations.

List of Exhibitors in SAWSANA 2005

  1. Ministry of Agriculture
2. Agricultural Material Traders & Producers Association
3. Jordan Export Development and Commercial Centers Corporation " JEDCO "
4. Jordan Exporters and Producers Association for Fruit & Vegetables
5. Kemira Arab Potash Company " KEMAPCO " ( Finland )
6. Pindstrup Moseburg ( Denmark )
7. Abu Dhabi for Fertilizers Industries Companies " ADFERT " ( UAE )
8. Al-Khaleej Sugar Company ( UAE )
9. Alpha Middle East Sea Food ( Iran )
10. Middle East York Test " Dubai Medical Lab " ( UAE )
11.Al Madina Dates ( Saudi Arabia )
12.Delass Natural Products
13.Nabat Agricultural & Trading Company
14.Al-karama Drip Irrigation Company
15.Syngenta Agro Services Regional Office ( Switzerland )
16.Adritic Group Company
17.Al-Jazeera for Poultry
18. Petra Agricultural Industries
19. Plastic Industries Company ( Kuwait )
20.National Drip Irrigation Company
21.The Development Company for Trade & Agriculture
22.Consolidated Suppliers Company for Agric & Vet
23.Agriculture in Jordan and Arab World Magazine
24.Petrana Magazine Specialized in Food , agriculture and Veterinary
25.Fanar Publishing WLL " Arab World Agribusiness Magazine " ( Bahrain )
26.Al-Koroom Agric & Trade EST
27.The Arab Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs Company " MOBEDCO "
28.Green Land EST. for Agric Services
29.Manna Poultry Company ( Netherlands )
30.Jafar Al-Kurdi & Partners Company
31.Al-Rafidan Agricultural EST
32.Bin Talib Group International ( Saudi Arabia )
33.Jordan Green Houses Manufacturing Company " RAYYAN "
34.Mais Irrigation Company
35.Al-Takamol Agric & Trade EST
36.Al-Qawafel Industries Agriculture EST
37.Agricultural Engineering Association
38.Provimi for Fodders
39.The National Arab Company for Fertilizers and Seeds Production
40. T-Tape Company ( France )
41.Farah Fish Farm Company
42. Arabian Company for Development Irrigation Equipment Industrial " MAI " ( Syria )
43. Stender Company ( Italy )
44. Baqa for agriculture EST
45. Euro-Jordanian Action for Development of Enterprise " EJADA "EJADA reserved 500 sqm ( indoor area ) and this area will consist 27 companies (national&international)specialized in cut flowers and 500sqm ( outdoor area )
46. International Ferti Technology Corp
47.Al-Wafaa Agricultural Company
48.Jordan Modern Group for Trading Fertilizers " JOMECOM"
49. Sigal Agricultural Material Company
50. 10 Companies from Egypt specialized in Food, Agriculture and Veterinary
51.PT PLASINDO Bhama Prasta ( Indonesia )
52. C&C Export-Import Companies " Raw Materials for Veterinary&Pesticides
53. Biochem Pacific Import & Export China Ltd ( China )