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Visitors Info.

The kind of visitors for SAWSANA exhibition 2005

  •         Farmers from different provinces of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

  •         Agricultural engineers specialized in the different fields related to agriculture and animal Recourses and food sector etc.

  •         Attracting a number of agricultural engineers from different Arabic countries such as Syria, Lebanon and some of the Arab Gulf countries.

  •         Many Arab and foreigner experts specialized in various fields of agriculture and food and veterinary that will have a part through the conferences accompanied to SAWSANA exhibition for agriculture, food and veterinary 2005.

  •         Businessmen from all over the world.

  •         A number of people responsible of organizations and international institutions and embassies.

  •         The interested parties in the agricultural sectors in general.

  • consultants, owners companies , journalists

List of Exhibitors in SAWSANA 2005

  1. Ministry of Agriculture
2. Agricultural Material Traders & Producers Association
3. Jordan Export Development and Commercial Centers Corporation " JEDCO "
4. Jordan Exporters and Producers Association for Fruit & Vegetables
5. Kemira Arab Potash Company " KEMAPCO " ( Finland )
6. Pindstrup Moseburg ( Denmark )
7. Abu Dhabi for Fertilizers Industries Companies " ADFERT " ( UAE )
8. Al-Khaleej Sugar Company ( UAE )
9. Alpha Middle East Sea Food ( Iran )
10. Middle East York Test " Dubai Medical Lab " ( UAE )
11.Al Madina Dates ( Saudi Arabia )
12.Delass Natural Products
13.Nabat Agricultural & Trading Company
14.Al-karama Drip Irrigation Company
15.Syngenta Agro Services Regional Office ( Switzerland )
16.Adritic Group Company
17.Al-Jazeera for Poultry
18. Petra Agricultural Industries
19. Plastic Industries Company ( Kuwait )
20.National Drip Irrigation Company
21.The Development Company for Trade & Agriculture
22.Consolidated Suppliers Company for Agric & Vet
23.Agriculture in Jordan and Arab World Magazine
24.Petrana Magazine Specialized in Food , agriculture and Veterinary
25.Fanar Publishing WLL " Arab World Agribusiness Magazine " ( Bahrain )
26.Al-Koroom Agric & Trade EST
27.The Arab Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs Company " MOBEDCO "
28.Green Land EST. for Agric Services
29.Manna Poultry Company ( Netherlands )
30.Jafar Al-Kurdi & Partners Company
31.Al-Rafidan Agricultural EST
32.Bin Talib Group International ( Saudi Arabia )
33.Jordan Green Houses Manufacturing Company " RAYYAN "
34.Mais Irrigation Company
35.Al-Takamol Agric & Trade EST
36.Al-Qawafel Industries Agriculture EST
37.Agricultural Engineering Association
38.Provimi for Fodders
39.The National Arab Company for Fertilizers and Seeds Production
40. T-Tape Company ( France )
41.Farah Fish Farm Company
42. Arabian Company for Development Irrigation Equipment Industrial " MAI " ( Syria )
43. Stender Company ( Italy )
44. Baqa for agriculture EST
45. Euro-Jordanian Action for Development of Enterprise " EJADA "EJADA reserved 500 sqm ( indoor area ) and this area will consist 27 companies (national&international)specialized in cut flowers and 500sqm ( outdoor area )
46. International Ferti Technology Corp
47.Al-Wafaa Agricultural Company
48.Jordan Modern Group for Trading Fertilizers " JOMECOM"
49. Sigal Agricultural Material Company
50. 10 Companies from Egypt specialized in Food, Agriculture and Veterinary
51.PT PLASINDO Bhama Prasta ( Indonesia )
52. C&C Export-Import Companies " Raw Materials for Veterinary&Pesticides
53. Biochem Pacific Import & Export China Ltd ( China )